Turbosmart E-BOOST 2 60mm

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Standard with 60psi max boost operating pressure! Turbosmart e-Boost2 is a second generation complete Boost Management System. With market-leading features and state-of-the-art software, e-Boost2 is the one accessory all owners of turbocharged cars should have! Easy to use, yet sophisticated and technologically advanced, the e-Boost2 is equally at home in a street-going vehicle as it is in a top-level race car. e-Boost2 allows the user to control, monitor, map and compensate boost. But e-Boost2 is a lot more than just a boost controller - it can also control water spray, methanol or nitrous injection, manage shift/warning lights and read/monitor RPM.

Supplied With:
Solenoid, Wiring Loom, and Hoses and Hose Fitting Kit.

- See more at: http://www.turbosmartdirect.com/Product-Categories/Electronic-Boost-Controllers/eBoost2-60mm-Black.html#sthash.1xxZOunw.dpuf

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