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SHOP NOW. PAY LATER. 100% INTEREST FREE! Learn more | Tel:1800 180 720

Mazda 13B & 20B 2mm Methanol Drag/Racing Apex Power Seals (The best) 86’-95’

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🚫  Don’t risk running a rotary engine on stock seals. 🚫

Rotary engine + stock apex seals + POWER = IRREPARABLE DAMAGE

If you push your rotary engine and your stock apex seals blow, your engine will be irreparably damaged. Stock seals, under extreme stress, have the potential to shatter into a million pieces and ruin the internal surface of your engine and its compression surface. 

You’ve poured lots of time and money into your engine. Now with Power Seal Apex Seals, you can protect your investment. 

Why Power Seal Apex Seals?

The Power Seal Apex Seals are unbreakable. The benefit of the Power Seal Apex Seals is that once they lose their ability to seal, your engine will lose its compression and its power. Unlike stock seals, the Power Seal Apex Seals will not shatter and destroy your engine. 

Detonations happen due to bad fuel, a blocked fuel filter, a fuel pump failure, or poor tuning. If your engine suffers any damage, you can count on the Power Seal Apex Seals. They will bow or deform slightly in shape but they will NOT blow into pieces and damage the housing of your engine.

These seals will take on significant levels of power. Ultimate Best Performance Apex Seals on the market for Drag/Racing/Circuit applications. Perfect for cars running methanol/E85 fuels. No wear to your housings and can be used in cars running over 50 PSI boost. 

Protect your engine from a catastrophic detonation event with the industry recommended & trusted Power Seal Apex Seals.