About Us

Turbo-Spec.com is the world’s largest Turbocharger Community and Online Resource!

The Turbo-Spec.com concept was born in August 2016 by Jason Tjoeng & Joshua Ong. The idea came as a result of feedback from the Facebook page: “Turbos”; which was created by Jason Tjoeng during 2008. The Turbo-Spec.com Community has now grown to more than 700,000 Facebook Followers. From humble beginnings, the Turbo-Spec.com brand has evolved into a community and forum for anything Turbocharger and Automotive related.

Through Turbo-Spec.coms’ Social Media and Online Presence strategy we have created a platform that has reached more than 10 million, active users, a week.

In 2016 the company Turbo-Spec.com Pty Ltd was registered with the vision to develop the Turbo-Spec.com brand and community further and provide turbocharger focused offerings to automotive enthusiasts and suppliers alike.

The Turbo-Spec.com Network can reach over 10.2 million active Facebook users weekly and share the Turbocharged Lifestyle!

“When I asked the Turbos fans if they wanted a website for anything Turbo related they said yes and hence Turbo-Spec.com was born” – Jason Tjoeng